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Genuine Talk podcast comes to you weekly with your hosts Terance and AuDera Clark to encourage, bring hope and challenge you to live a life of thankfulness.


Introduction to G-Talk

Season 1, Episode 1 July 30, 2017

About G-Talk

G-Talk is a regularly scheduled podcast featuring Terance & AuDera.  They talk openly on a number of subjects to help you in your personal development with God.  With so many challenges facing each of us every day they aim to keep the perspective of thankfulness in all that we face.

Currently, in this season they’re focused on subjects focused on the seasons of God and growing in intimacy by understanding God’s calendar.  You will be encouraged to know that God has connected the seasons of the year with his desire to communicate with you.  You’ll be blessed by these podcasts!

Latest Episode

Restoring God’s Family Part 2

Living in the kingdom of God means that we must begin living in the season and times God has established.  For 95% of the people listening, this will be new uncharted territory, but valuable for navigating the days we currently live in.

Season 2, Episode 2    |    28min

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End Times

Revelation: Sardis

End Times

Meet The Hosts

Terance Clark

Terance Clark

AuDera Clark

AuDera Clark

Terance and AuDera Clark have been married for 38 years.  They have three adult children and six grandchildren.  They are Executive Directors of Hope For You International, a non-profit organization dedicated  to providing resoures for children and widows in East Africa.  They also provide oversight and leadership to a growing number of pastors and churches in East Africa.

Terance is an author, speaker and passionate intercessor with a gift for loving people an helping them find their purpose and destiny.  He served as Senior Pastor of ReNewed Life Fellowship in Southern California for sixteen years where he was used to assemble over forty local pastors to meet regularly for prayer and provide strategies for winning their city.  He is a prophetic teacher who applies the word to bring healing, deliverance and restoration.

AuDera is a speaker, writer and worshipping warrior with a prophetic anointing.  She has led worship in many venues bringing people into a holy visitation with the Lord.  She is an intercessor that expereinces regular angelic visitations and encounters with the Lord.  She has a passion for children and seeing the hurting healed and restored. 

You will be encouraged listening to their unique perspectives and challenged to live a life of thankfulness.

G-Talk with Terance & AuDera

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G-Talk podcasts comes to you weekly with your hosts Terance and AuDera Clark to encourage, bring hope and challenge you to live a life of thankfulness.