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G-Talk Podcast Series

G-Talk with Terance & AuDera has completed one full season with six different series.  Please click on series link to go to the podcasts for the particular series.  G-Talk is currently just beginning season two with the first series “It’s God’s Time – Living in Kingdom Seasons”.

End Times

We start the New Year with a new series on the end times.  Not a theological dig, but a practical discussion to repare you for what is coming.  Click the image to go to the series.

Hymns for Life

A new series focused on the journey through the life of some of the composers who wrote the hymns that the church has sung for hundreds of years.  What was the story behind their hymns and how can can it help us today.

Fruit of the Spirit

The fruit of the spirit is a foundational teaching that Paul emphasizes resides in the life of every believer.  In a time when anxiety, fear an every other distress is challenging all of us.  Let’s see what God gave us to combat it. 

Kingdom Living

Let’s bring the kingdom of heaven to earth!  In Matthew 5 Jesus began teaching what is known as the sermon on the mount.  A foundational teaching for living like no one ever knew was possible. Let’s do it!

Family Secrets

Welcome to family secrets, it’s actually a lot different than it souns.  So much goes on inour families that we hide or never talk about.  This series exposes some of these issues to allow healing to occur and pretending can stop.

Becoming Eagles

The life of the eagle and how it compares to the believer.  god is raising up people with vision for the future.  He has great plans to bless us.  He also wants us to thrive in adversity.  Let’s do both!

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