Season 1

Hymns for Life

About This Series

A journey through the life of some of the composers who wrote the hymns that the church has sung for hundreds of years.

What was the stroy behind their hymns an how can it help us today to not only live a life of worship, but also live a life of sacrifice?  These men and women wrote songs through many different seasons and each week we will take a new one and see how we can learn from them and sing their songs with greter love and passion for the it was written.

Hosts & Guests

Terance  Clark

AuDera Clark


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Episode 1: What A Friend We Have in Jesus

Hymns for Life

Episode 2: My Tribute

Hymns for Life

Episode 3: His Eye is on the Sparrow

Hymns for Life

Episode 4: He Touched Me

Hymns for Life

Episode 5: Fannie Crosby

Hymns for Life

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